Game and UI/UX Game Artist
Novi Sad, Serbia


With over 14 years of professional experience in game art and UI/UX design, I have worked on dozens of apps, web projects, and 30+ games spanning various genres and platforms.

Throughout the process, I was responsible for leading my design team and maintaining close communication with CEOs, CTOs, clients, business owners, as well as developers. This allowed me to gain valuable insights into the inner workings of businesses and understand employer expectations.

For the last 4+ years, I have exclusively focused on game graphics, working in close collaboration with studio owners and Art Directors. This is in addition to my overall experience drawing with a Wacom tablet since 2010.


Concept ArtIllustrationUI DesignUX Design2D graphics, creating gaming assets

Software proficiency

After Effects
After Effects
Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D
Nomad Sculpt
Nomad Sculpt
Medium by Adobe
Medium by Adobe
Gravity Sketch
Gravity Sketch
Sketch App
Sketch App
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  • Game Artist · Full-time at Booming Games
    Belgrade, RS
    January 2022 - Present

    As a Game Artist for Booming Games, I have completed work on 30+ games until now, and 20 of them are available for the public to enjoy. You can find the list of published games below. The remaining games are still in the development phase, so I cannot share any information about them at this time.

    I was privileged to work alongside talented art directors and game artists as a committed team member. The tasks I handled were different for each project. Sometimes, I worked on less significant components, while on other projects, I worked on essential assets (like main symbols and logos). However, my primary responsibilities were painting and high-quality polishing elements such as high and low symbols, logos, and lobby icons. Additionally, on some later and still unpublished games, I worked on loading screens UI and feature previews to ensure a polished and seamless experience for players. Throughout the journey, my colleagues provided me with invaluable support and guidance, which allowed me to grow in my role and make significant contributions to our team's successes.

    Working together, we significantly enhanced the overall quality of game assets and final products for the company project.

    Published games I worked on:

    1. Legendary Diamonds (published)

    2. Super Duper Classic Fantastic (published)

    3. Dog Squad (published)

    4. Gamblelicious Hold and Win (published)

    5. Golden Strawberries (published)

    6. Gold Gold Gold (published)

    7. Khans Wild Quest (published)

    8. Burning Classics Go Wild (published)

    9. Let it Spin (published)

    10. Megahops Megaways (published)

    11. Payday Pig (published)

    12. Roll the Dice (published)

    13. Starlight Riches (published)

    14. The Wild Wings of Phoenix (published)

    15. TNT Bonanza (published)

    16. Treasure Vault (published)

    17 Dog Heist - Shift N Win (published)

    18. Light of RA (published)

    19. Billy Bob Boom (published)

    20. Power of the Vikings (published)

  • Game Artist · Full-time at Pixel Edge Games
    December 2020 - December 2021

    Pixel Edge Games is a self-funded game development company based in Poland. The company was created in 2015. One of our biggest titles is Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR ( Playstation PSVR 1&2, Oculus Quest, and SteamVR ). I was responsible for creating concept and marketing arts and designing UI/UX elements and menus for VR and Unity games.

    Racket Fury - Table tennis VR (Published for Playstation PSVR 1&2, Steam, and Oculus Quest)

    The Karters 2 (Unity engine, still in development)

  • 2D artist at InBloomGames
    Belgrade, Serbia
    April 2019 - August 2020

    I was working on a mobile game development project for around 1.5 years. The game was made in the Unity engine and my job was to prepare assets for the developers and animators, from UI design to painting, final polishing the objects, characters, and splash screens.

    Please check the examples of my work on the game page:

  • Lead UI/UX Designer at Websolutions Agency
    January 2019 - June 2020

    I have worked in this company for around 1.5 years. This was the last company where I worked on UI/UX senior position before I decided to switch my career exclusively to game development and digital painting. I guess I realized after 10 years considering my range of skills that I can offer much more than designing UI for apps and web.

    About the company:

    We are the leading Drupal community-driven agency in Croatia, delivering complex web solutions and online platforms for international clients. Our dedicated and experienced team works directly with our clients to build a comprehensive product roadmap, from ideation to customer growth.

    Reference from Linkedin:

    "Even though I've known and worked with Nenad for only six months, it feels like years have passed, both in terms of getting to know him and his work, and working with a dedicated and reliable individual in a multifunctional team. Nenad's strong technical and collaborative skills are a must for any team or company that is looking for a skilled designer, interpreter and executor. Nenad's determination and lack of shyness are essential for any designer's personal and professional growth and it has truly been a pleasure to find a professional soulmate".

    - Andrej Dobi, Senior UX/UI Designer at LELO

  • Lead UI/UX Designer at MD Systems
    March 2017 - December 2016

    Nov 2017 – Dec 2017 2 mos

    A part-time job. One of the more challenging projects I did in Sketch. Happy to say it was completed successfully. The task was to create a complete UI kit with reusable components and instances, with responsive symbols, a global color replacement option and shared styles. More details about the project are under NDA.

    Oct 2017 – Nov 2017

    Employment Duration2 mos

    A part-time job, I worked on UI/UX design improvements. The details about the project are under NDA.

    MD Systems is one of the world’s top contributors to Drupal and maintainer of over 70 modules. Already in 2012, MD Systems started to work on Drupal 8 and therefore has unique expert knowledge of the new Drupal version.

    MD Systems is working for small start-ups as well as large Swiss corporations with international, multilingual websites.

  • Lead UI/UX Designer at ACTO Team
    Belgrade, Serbia
    November 2015 - March 2017

    Via ACTO Team contractor I worked for MD Systems, one of the most influential Drupal companies in Europe​. As a lead UI designer, I took part and created from scratch a complete vector base with responsive UI elements for Drupal 8 admin theme.

    Also, under MDS I redesigned parts of the UI elements for Unicef organisation (still in development and under NDA).

  • Lead UI/UX Designer at MONTENASOFT
    Vienna, Austria
    December 2008 - November 2015

    Responsible for working on a range of projects, designing UI elements and interacting on a daily basis with graphic designers, front-end/back-end developers and project managers.

    - ​Developing and maintaining the front end functionality of websites.

    - Participating in discussions with clients to clarify what they want.

    - Designing prototypes for apps and websites.

    - Creating UI elements, banners, logos, icons and illustrations for websites.

    - Provide guidance to other team members on UI/UX design issues.

    - Developing websites that have a consistent feel and look throughout all web properties.

    - Providing technical support to end-users.

    Some of the projects I worked on are Telekom Austria, UNICEF, International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA, Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development...

  • Freelance Web Designer at Home office 💻
    Novi Sad, Serbia
    January 2008 - December 2008

    Basically everything. From searching for jobs, communication with clients to creating the final product.

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